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As I grew up, it was the struggles to put food on the table that gave me a healthy start.

As children we ate what our mom & grandmothers grew & raised on the yard or what grew in the wild close to home. The exercise from walking & picking was an added health bonus.

Then in the winter we ate meals prepared from what was stored in preserved jars or packed in cold storage.

I had no idea this was out of necessity & a need to pinch pennies. So without realizing it, we ate very tasty nutritious meals that provided us with optimum health benefits.

So when I grew up and had my own family, I did the same; had a huge garden of vegetables and fruits, raised our own meat & often picked berries & fruits in the wild. 

In 1988 when we had a severe drought, I had learned by example how to provide healthy delicious meals at little cost so we ate quite well through those difficult years. 

Treats were often made in our home from our own milk, cream & grains. Our sons often talk about making ice cream, sherbet, cookies, homemade candies and caramel corn. Often they talk about eating a number of freshly made warm donuts by dipping them in sugar! 

That is when I decided to share all of the recipes I had enjoyed at home and the many others I had created as a mom by writing cookbooks. 


We bought a mill to turn our grains into flour and a Bosch that kneaded the dough so we could turn wheat kernels into bread in a short time. Living on a busy farm, I could come in at 9 in the evening and 2 hours later I had 6 loaves of bread cooling on the counter. Here as well I was doing it to save money, but I soon learned that it was so much more about keeping the family healthy & strong.


A few years ago I started creating recipes that omitted sugar, yeast, gluten or dairy products. So many individuals have allergies and intolerance’s to some or even all of these foods or ingredients.   

Rather than print another cookbook, I am sharing all of these added recipes in a FREE eBook with the purchase of each EAT MORE WHOLE GRAINS cookbook. 

Yes, for only $ 7.45 you too can have all of these healthy recipes, plus the update


As soon as I learned about the nutritional benefits of flax, I added that seed to our daily meal plans and after a few years decided to write A MUFFIN A DAY cookbook. These are recipes for delicious muffins that one can really enjoy. Each one contains 2 tablespoons of flax.

With the purchase of this cookbook, I will send an eBook FREE with a few new recipes of huge delicious flax muffins that are baked in a micro-wave in just 90 – 100 seconds. Yes, 2 minutes after you desire a muffin with your coffee, you can sit down and enjoy it! 


One harvest I took home 2 bushels of soybeans that our son grew. I had problems digesting milk so i figured I would make some soy milk. This beverage turned out great and that winter it soon mushroomed into over 200 other soybean recipes. As well I developed a soy creme that was prepared in such a way that it got rid of most of the inhibitors and phytates found in pulses and was then easy to digest. All of these recipes went into SOY SATISFIED cookbook. 

And here as well the recipes kept coming even after the cookbook was published so I wrote an eBook that is free with each order of SOY SATISFIED. Yes, cheesy cake is just as delicious as cheese cake and is packed with nutrition as well. It’s also easy to make your own healthy salad dressing and creme soup.

Today we realize that eating a variety of pulses like fava, navy, pinto, & black beans, as well as chickpeas and lentils provides us with a great variety of beneficial nutrients so I have added recipes to that end in the SOY SATISFIED eBook as well.

These 3 cookbooks are great stocking stuffers and as I said above, today I am selling them half price together with the free eBook.

These are great Christmas gifts that can meet many health needs and will be at this price as long as our current stock of these 3 books is available.


EAT MORE WHOLE GRAINS was $14.95 and is now only $7.45


A MUFFIN A DAY was $8.95 and is now only $4.45


SOY SATISFIED was $10.00 and is now only $4.95


To view my cookbooks or order just go to my website at and Pay Pal’s secure payment option will take care of your order & shipping charges. 

Wishing you a very Healthy and Blessed Christmas & New year! Winnie