Taking Control of Our Health. . . A New Beginning

Taking Control of Our Health!

A NEW BEGINNING. . . choosing to be thankful!

The doorbell rang at 7:30 this morning. We were having breakfast, and I was in my pjs. Our granddaughter was here to work for me. I am 81 & slowing down, but my #1 aim is to keep going and get back as much as I can what I had lost that all began with a fall. 

I will begin this new website and my day today by being thankful!

After a fall on ice & then hip surgery I am gradually improving, I am doing what I can to recover by exercising, seeing a physio therapist, getting x-rays, having acupuncture and adding more nutrition to my diet. But I am still walking with a cane. I would never have thought this would happen to me.

I am watching what I eat, trying to include lots of healthy foods like seeds, grains, fruits & veggies & taking supplements too. I am changing many recipes exchanging the less nutritious ingredients for healthy ones. I am replacing sugar with honey, stevia or often using less sweeteners. I actually thought I had been doing that for years now, but every day I learn more about nutrition & I take another step to towards better health.

I have a Yohonna machine that makes ice cream from frozen bananas and other fruits. It makes delicious ice cream, and I am enjoying it so much. Often when others are having store bought ice cream with all the processing additives, I am so thankful for my healthy ice cream & the Yohanna!

I have always been eating at least 2 heaping tablespoons of crushed flax on my cereal each morning as I know how nutritious it is. In fact, a few years ago I published & am selling “A MUFFIN A DAY” cookbook on my website because of a study that was done in Winnipeg on how beneficial flax is for our heart. I created a variety of muffin recipes with nutritional analysis and benefits of flax. I also read that flax contains cancer fighting lignans as well as so much more for our health.

So now because I am struggling with my health, I decided to replace flour with flax flour in my muffin recipe. Because I wasn’t well enough to do much baking for a while, I started baking 1 huge muffin in the microwave just for myself. When others were having cookies or some other less healthy dessert I have been enjoying a piece of this huge flax muffin. And I mean enjoying! It is delicious & of course nutritious too!

I included healthy ingredients and nuts, seeds or dark chocolate pieces for variety. I knew flax is a super food and knew that it could be one way for me to fight for my health. I love these muffins!

I have added this new healthier version to my recipes on the website calling it “FLAX MICROWAVE MUFFIN” I have also been adding this recipe plus a few other flax recipes to each “A MUFFIN A DAY” cookbook as they are ordered or picked up here…

I also decided to slash the price of this cookbook in half to $4.45 each.

If someone is sick, why not take them this flax cookbook with the healthier version of a muffin recipe inside, together with a freshly baked muffin, a huge cup to bake in and a bag of flax as a get-well gift!