Have you ever had a pain, a sore, a dizzy spell or whatever and you wondered what it means. Could it be a problem with your heart, liver, lungs, the supplements you are taking or the food you are eating, or something else! For peace of mind, it is great to have this checked out.

Melvin started seeing a naturpath, so on Monday he was put on a diet for a few months to help clear up some of his problems. After a number of tests and as well looking through the tests he had earlier, the doctor put Melvin on a no-dairy, no-sugar and no yeast diet. This is a first for him so I decided I would make it as pleasant as possible in the foods I make for us.

We really do feel that food can be our medicine, so here goes!

On the way home from Winnipeg we stopped at the grocery store to get a variety of non-dairy milks and a few other things. Until I can bake a batch of bread without yeast I will need a loaf of the bread he can eat. After that I would create and make all my own recipes so we would know what is in every recipe; no surprises and above all, Melvin would enjoy his meals!

Once home I had to figure out what we would have for supper. We had fish, vegetables and a salad so that was easy. I had a bag of crackers I had bought for Christmas and hadn’t used. All it contained was a variety of dried beans, sea salt & sunflower oil.

I decided to have a small dish of those crackers and some unsalted mixed nuts on the table all the time for snacks.

This week we had oatmeal porridge with chia seeds, hemp seeds, crushed flax, thawed fruit and coconut milk on top for breakfast. Each lunch time we had a different homemade soup. (chicken soup w/o noodles, squash soup, pea soup and tomato soup) and manna bread.

Suppers were meat, salad. vegetable and either potatoes or cooked quinoa.

On Monday a friend gave me a small bag of dehydrated whole wheat sourdough starter culture.

I followed the directions on the package and today, Friday, 1 cup full is ready to use. From tomorrow on I will be able to use a little each day and because it becomes more each day, I will soon have enough to bake bread.

This afternoon I used this cup full to make these crepes.

CREPES – 12 (9 inch)

4 eggs

1/2 teaspoon sea salt

1 cup of discarded starter.

Beat the eggs and salt. Stir in the starter. Put a little coconut oil into the pan on medium heat. Pour in 1/4 cup batter and tilt to spread the batter over the pan’s surface. Fry 1 minute, flip and fry the other side. Do the same with all the batter. I spread unsweetened apple sauce and cinnamon on one. I put strawberry spread that was sweetened with a little stevia and then cinnamon on the other one before rolling them up. They are actually delicious!

The other 10 are in the freezer for any time Melvin needs a snack or a dessert.

Yesterday I started another batch that has no culture, but just gets the bacteria from the air. It uses only rye flour and water. I will share this starter recipe next week when it is ready and I can start using it to bake.

I am busy and learning and again enjoying this journey of creating new recipes! Winnie