December 18, 2015 Yield: 30 little loaves, lovely to serve with a dinner or as a snack with coffee. If you let them rise really well before baking they are just so soft and delicious! Until this year I have... continue reading


Every year when I start to bake for Christmas I try to remove a few less healthy ingredients and add ones that are healthier. We try to eat healthy, but as well I love to serve my company healthy. Yesterday... continue reading


NOVEMBER 26, 2015 FARM WOMEN’S CONFERENCE This year I decided to take in the Farm Women’s Conference in Winkler; just 35 minutes from our home. The speakers and workshops were excellent, the food was great and the fellowship with other... continue reading


SPROUTS – November 5, 2015 With winter coming on and the fresh garden greens over for another year, I decided to sprout a few seeds. It will add nutrition to the store bought greens that I will at times be... continue reading

PUMPKIN COOKIES October 12, 2015

PUMPKIN – October 12, 2015 Today is Thanksgiving and I really have to say I have so much to be thankful for. Our harvest is all in the bin, the garden has produced so well, we are blessed with healthy... continue reading

WHOLE GRAIN BUNS October 6, 2015

WHOLE GRAIN BUNS – 5 dozen October 6, 2015 Over the past months I have been changing my bun recipe on page 41 of EAT MORE WHOLE GRAINS cookbook. I am now using spelt flour and a fermented product to... continue reading

ZUCCHINI SOUP – October 5, 2015

EXCELLENT ZUCCHINI SOUP – October 5, 2015 The other day I made the most delicious soup with zucchini. I still have large zucchini fruits on the garage floor and the other day I decided to use some to make a... continue reading