Soy Satisfied Cookbook

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Winnie has been working with soybeans for almost 20 years, creating a SOY CRÈME product that is easy to digest, easy to use in recipes and yet is very nutritious.

Her Soy Crème product was analyzed by the University of Manitoba to remove  the hard to digest parts and then prepared in trial batches for sampling and taste testing at the Food Development Centre.

But Winnie was not interested in marketing and mass producing this product, but instead chose to share the recipe plus over 200 delicious recipes she makes using soybeans through SOY SATISFIED cookbook. Soon new recipes for Cheesey Cake Desserts, Soy Crème Dressings & Soups were added to her creations & these went into an eBook that she is offering free with each SOY SATISFIED cookbook purchase.

It costs only a few pennies to make your own soymilk, soy flour, steamed soybeans, soy crème, soy sprouts & soy nuts from soybeans. Follow her simple recipes to make these and then use them in your meal preparations.

Even the busiest person can use these recipes to prepare soy products, store them in the fridge and use them in the many recipes for desserts, soups, sauces, dressings, waffles, pancakes, casseroles, snacks and much more.

And now today, January 23rd 2019!                                                                Over the past few years Winnie has often used other pulses in exchange for the soybeans in this cookbook, so she has now put together a collection of recipes in a booklet called, “STAY HEALTHY WITH ONE OF NATURE’S MOST BENEFICIAL SUPERFOODS . . . PULSES” Using dried beans, chickpeas, lentils, dried peas etc can provide us with an even greater variety of beneficial nutrients. This booklet of pulse recipes will also be emailed free with each order of SOY SATISFIED.

Yes, these little pulse seeds, that are so plain, so small and yet so very powerful and nutritious, can be included in any meal because after preparing they have no flavor & blend well with other ingredients. In this cookbook Winnie shares another nutritious way of using dried pulses – sprout them! These sprouts, which have about 20 times the nutritional value of the seed, can be added to stir fry, casseroles, sandwiches, soups & more.

Pulses are low in fat, in sodium, high in soluable & insoluable fibre, cholesterol free and a very good source of proteins and minerals.

To celebrate the new “CANADA FOOD GUIDE” that came out this week, January 2019, Winnie is offering 50% off the regular price of her 3 Healthy Seedy cookbooks. . . .  (as long as current stock is available)


 The Canada Food Guide says, “EAT WELL . . . LIVE WELL!

Embrace this guide and your body will thank you!