Do you pack lunch boxes for yourself or for a family member almost every day? Like me, do you often wonder if the foods in this lunch are meeting our nutritional needs?

One day during harvest I took my pizza bun recipe and added or changed ingredients so that I was providing many beneficial nutrients in the lunches.

I included many nutrients by:

using organic spelt flour & a healthy oil in the buns & pizza mixture.
adding fresh garlic, onions, brussel sprouts & peppers.
adding organic tomato juice that I made from our garden tomatoes.
adding lentils, I was adding fibre, protein, folate, B vitamins and minerals.
using a healthy salt

Having a garden gives me the opportunity to grow most of these nutrient-rich vegetables & fruits, but also gives me plenty of exercise & sunshine for my healthiest the men on our farm had 2 lunch box meals a day for 6 days a week for 3 months. I realized I needed to have variety, great tasting foods and above all nutrition.                              Winnie