It’s again one of my favorite times of the year for many reasons; the most important being because “He Arose, He Arose, Alleluia, Christ Arose.”
And then, it is spring and the beginning of another year of planting, growing and harvesting food for our family and to share.

This weekend we are celebrating another Easter season and for 10 years now I have been making this recipe for “O Henry Easter Eggs” that friend Annie shared with me.
These past few years, life has just been so busy that I just pressed the mixture into a greased 9 by 12 pan, melted the chocolate and then cut the recipe into squares. Our children are older now and they don’t mind; as long as I make this favorite treat for them.

This year with our family diets, I know many of them shouldn’t have sugar or dairy so I altered the recipe again & made 2 different recipes.

I bought the special dark chocolate chips that are sweetened with stevia for one pan, I used maple syrup as I know it is a healthier syrup (even though it isn’t on Melvin’s to-eat list), I made one pan with mixed nuts as some can’t have peanuts, I used “Taste Like Sugar” in one pan & “Xylitol” in the other pan and I added oat flour as the maple syrup is thinner than corn syrup. We will eat these treats sparingly and I will share some with a few friends.

We often use stevia when sweetening sour fruit or jam, but when I am making some recipes, I am using “Taste Like Sugar” from Amazon or “Zylitol” from The Bulk Barn. We try to eat less foods that need added sweeteners This recipe has become a tradition in our house so I just felt the need to include it, but cut the pieces very small.

I call them O”HENRY EASTER BARS                                 Winnie