It is now almost mid February and because we go out very little with covid, I feel as if it is still the beginning of the year and any day now we will start to go on with life. So here are some of my thoughts at the beginning of January.                                 

On the 31st of December I was thinking about that final day in 2020. I thought of the way that God has led us and provided for us in a year of uncertainty; a year that has taken away so many of our freedoms and privileges. But we were blessed this summer; we took off a good crop and enough garden produce to last us through until next year.

What we did miss most was getting together & connecting one on one with family & friends.

The virus hasn’t caught our home so I believe that staying healthy has been the best protection we can have from catching the covid, a cold or most other viruses.

Over the years I have read many books on healthy living written by reputable scientists and doctors. This led me to creating many more nutrient rich recipes using fruits, vegetables, seeds and herbs; recipes that I will continue to add to my website at www.winnieswinningways.ca in the coming months.

I decided to start 2021 off right by serving and then sharing with others a few newer recipes this first day of the year; recipes that are packed with nutrients that can help make a difference to our health.


To start the day I continue to prepare each of us a glass of juice mixed with 1 tablespoon of chia seeds the night before. In the morning I stirred in the juice from half a lemon. This lemon juice has given Melvin complete relief from the acid reflux that had bothered him for years. We drink this before breakfast with our probiotic capsule. The lemon juice helps to balance our PH.

We then enjoyed 1/2 cup of our homemade granola (recipe is on my website) topped with coconut or almond milk, or for me it is a sugar free juice mixture that I canned from our trees; (apple, chock cherry, nanking cherry & beet juice). We also top the granola with ground flax & hemp seeds.

Today we followed that with a thin slice of sourdough bread toast topped with chia raspberry jam. (I will share this jam recipe in a post on the website too)


I roasted a small chicken and a squash cut into 6 pieces, one onion, 3 garlic cloves & 2 cups water in the oven. I removed the squash shell, pureed the flesh with a bit of butter, salt & pepper. I made gravy with the juice in the roaster, added salt & pepper to taste and thickened it with corn starch. We ate the chicken, squash, gravy with mashed potatoes, carrots and peas at noon.

Our dessert was strawberry pie; a recipe I will share in the coming weeks!

Of course there was plenty of extra food so I could divide it in portions and freeze it to reheat at another time.

We still have a variety of squash in the garage that I will use in the coming months. Melvin likes lasagna so this month I plan on making one exchanging the regular lasagna noodles for a spaghetti squash. I will share this and let you know how it turned out. Winnie