The juice of half a lemon in a glass of pure water first thing in the morning & before breakfast took away all of my husband Melvin’s symptoms of acid reflux in just a few months. We have continued to have this drink these past 6 or 7 years now.

Melvin had been on several different prescription drugs for acid reflux for almost a ten year period; each one causing a variety of side effects. When I read about drinking raw lemon juice in water each morning, it sounded so simple. The fact that it was such an inexpensive & healthy remedy and so easy to prepare made us eager to see if it could in fact make a difference to the symptoms of acid reflux.

It meant buying lemons by the bag and being sure we always have some on hand. It also meant the extra chore of squeezing the lemon each morning before breakfast.

They say that the lemon juice balances our body’s PH levels. My own PH had always been a bit acidic & we know that a balanced PH means a healthier body, so we use a whole lemon & I am willing to drink the lemon each morning with Melvin. (Even though I do not have acid reflux.) Melvin has had no acid reflux problems since. There have been times when we have missed, or when we were away for a few days and during those times his symptoms have never come back.

A few weeks ago I did a PH test with a strip and my PH was now balanced.

I shared this lemon juice hint with a friend and she too said it has been all she has needed for acid reflux for the past 3 years.  Many others have also used this method successfully.

When I see a good deal on lemons I will buy several bags, squeeze them all at once and freeze the pure juice in ice cube trays. I then dump them into a plastic bag in the freezer. It is a real treat & a time saver to be able to take out a cube each morning and mix it with enough water for our 2 glasses.

“A lemon a day takes the pain away” Winnie