The leaves, petals, flowers and sprouts of alfalfa are packed with nutrients like biotin, calcium, choline, inositol, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sulfur, tryptophan (amino acid) plus vitamins A, B Complex, C, plus others in lesser amounts.

Seeing the sprouts are even more nutritious than the seed, and seeing we have a few pounds of seeds that I ordered from Mumm’S Sprouting in Saskachewan, we will sprout some every week and get the many benefits of sprouted alfalfa.

During this time of covid, when we aren’t getting out to shop very often, we can still always have these greens available in our salads.

Alfalfa can help if you are dealing with arthritis, diabetes, ulcers, fungus and helps our body detoxify. I will be making sprouts every week and we will eat plenty of them in a variety of ways at lunch and supper.


For the 2 of us I chop up 2 heaping tablespoons of sprouts and add them to any salad or top any meal we are eating.

But as well one can mix a few chopped sprouts into ketchup, salad dressing in sandwiches, beet salad or hot dog relish and throw some into a smoothy & so many other ways!

Eating them everyday can certainly provide us with beneficial minerals & so many vitamins.


Put 2 tablespoons alfalfa seed into a quart sealer that has a large mouth. Top this with a mesh and hold it firm with a elastic band. To wash the seeds,pour some water through, shake and pour it out through the mesh. Then add a few inches of water, leave the mesh on and leave it sit for 4 hours. Then pour out the water, add fresh water and rinse the seeds. With the jar tipped at an angle, pour out the water quickly so the seeds are all in the area by the mesh. That way any further drainage will be able to happen. Keep the jar at this angle and set it into a small bowl or container so it can continue to drain if needed. The seeds will also get air through the top area of the mesh. I cover the sealer with a heavy towel so it doesn’t get light and stays warm. Rinse the seeds the same way for about 5 days. When the sprouts still taste good, I take off the towel and set the sealer into sun for 6 or so hours (of daylight) and many of the tips will turn green. Rinse and drain them again. I put these sprouts into a closed container in the fridge to enjoy for a good week.

The last time I did it I had the jar full. As you make sprouts you will be able to adjust how much seed to use as my recipe said 1 1/2 – 2 tablespoons and I used 2 tablespoons. Use it up in a week or so. If I would be going away for a few days, I would either use them up or freeze them to chop and use later on. Enjoy!