This morning as we were having breakfast, I again sprinkled a good half teaspoon cinnamon on my apple sauce on toast. I realized I have been doing this for over a year now.

I buy the pure cinnamon that is made from specially selected Korintji barks and not the cheap stuff.

I used to have high blood pressure about 5 years ago and decided to do what I could nutritionally to turn that around. I took blood pressure pills for one day and didn’t like how I felt. I looked for the right foods and even stopped drinking coffee for a long time. The blood pressure came down gradually and I have been able to keep it there. We now eat celery every day and have bananas most days as well. The rest of our foods are just lots of raw fruits, vegetables; often cut up in salads. This winter I have been making kale and broccoli sprouts and we each have a couple of tablespoons once a day.

A few years ago when I read that cinnamon could also help lower the blood pressure, I decided to use it in baking more often. Last year I decided to fill a salt shaker with cinnamon and have at least a half teaspoon every single day. We take our blood pressure every few weeks and now mine is excellent. Because Melvin doesn’t like cinnamon, I ordered it for him in capsule form.

I can now enjoy coffee once or twice a day and my blood pressure stays around 130 over 75.
I feel great now as well! Winnie