When I read any recipe, I look at what changes I can make so it will be more nutritious. I will often try a smaller batch in case it doesn’t turn out well. But sometimes I find it hard to toss out a batch of cookies that are packed with expensive ingredients & packed with nutrition. I will often freeze them and then at a later date I will crush them, add a piece of butter & maybe a bit more palm sugar and turn it into a baked base for a dessert; something like a graham wafer crust.

Yesterday I decided to make a few changes to make a healthier carrot cake. I used spelt flour, less coconut palm sugar, avocado oil, quinoa, plus I added walnuts. Of course the carrot & apple are healthy too and instead of icing sugar on top, I used a lesser amount of coconut palm sugar together with unsweetened coconut.

The first cake was a bit heavy so I made another one and baked it a bit longer. It was much better.

But the heavy cake tasted great so we had it with a small scoop of ice cream.

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