Today was a beautiful warm and sunny day with very little wind. After lunch I went out for a 3 mile walk; the first since Christmas.
It has either been too windy, icy or cold these past weeks.

I guess that is why our children decided to buy us an exercise machine. They did their homework, checking out with therapists what would be the best for Melvin’s new knee and for Parkinson’s; where balance could become an issue.

They surprised us with a Pro-Form. It has peddles to exercise the feet and legs and poles for us to use to exercise our arms; which means it is good for our heart too.
It has a nice good sized padded seat plus monitors to tell us how many calories we are burning, what our heart rate is, what distance we have traveled and the time we were at it.
We have been using it these past 3 weeks and it is giving us much needed exercise.

In the winter I spend most of the time in the house standing and working in the kitchen or sitting at the computer. Oh I guess once a week I clean the house, but that is the extent of my work. The garden is at rest so the only time I go outside many days is when I feed our 9 cats. They have the big job of cleaning up any mice that come around

Melvin worked hard all summer and got plenty of exercise, but now he as well is up in his office and not getting much exercise, except for an hour of so when he goes to take care of the cattle. This bicycle will keep his new knee in good shape and as well help both of us to stay in better shape. What a wonderful gift!

But today, when I went for the walk, I had the joy of breathing in the fresh air, looking up at the clouds, the sky, the trees with the lovely white snow all around and I knew that we still get the best exercise when we can enjoy all of creation at the same time.

So we have to say we are very blessed to have joy both indoors when it is nasty out and out of doors when the weather is good. Thanks Family!