I still make a plain coconut yogurt once a week to use in many ways through the day.

All I need is 2 cans of coconut milk, 2 probiotics, gelatin and a quart sealer. Recipe is on website!

I use this yogurt instead of sour cream in dressings, cream soups & dips by adding salt, pepper or other herbs & flavors for taste.

Instead of milk I mix it into scrambled eggs.

I use it in making pancakes, waffles or muffins or other baking. See my website for recipes.

I add it to mashed potatoes instead of milk.

Replace the milk called for with yogurt when making pudding. We enjoy a richer delicious pudding.

We like cottage cheese, but now I buy only the dry cottage cheese and add plain coconut yogurt, salt & pepper instead of buying the creamed cottage cheese as it always has a lot of thin liquid in and less cottage cheese.

And this is also just another way of enjoying this healthy homemade coconut yogurt.


Today I decided to make a dessert for us by mixing this plain COCONUT YOGURT with some of my homemade unsweetened apple sauce, some of my homemade strawberry jam, some thawed blueberries and 4 drops of stevia. Delicious! FRUIT FILLED COCONUT YOGURT recipe is on my website.

By eating homemade yogurt using probiotics with plenty of good bacteria in for the fermenting process we are feeding our gut a very healthy & good bacteria! Winnie