I started to bake my own crackers over 20 years ago but in time I got busy and went on to other recipes. I just didn’t seem to have the time to continue.

For me cracker making all started in 2001 when I was working on soybean recipes for SOY SATISFIED cookbook. I served these healthy crackers with a soybean cracker spread at many taste testing shows through Manitoba. My products were all analyzed at our University and Food Development Centre for nutrient, but in the end, rather than manufacture my cracker mixes, I chose to share the recipes in SOY SATISFIED cookbook so other women could also make and serve these healthy yet inexpensive recipes to their families.

I also served cheesey cakes made with soybeans instead of cream cheese. Everyone enjoyed these desserts and couldn’t believe it was made with soybeans. SOY SATISFIED cookbook has over 200 recipes & is on my website for half price until the time will come to reprint.

I am now working on quinoa and buckwheat seeds creating more gluten free recipes. Last week I decided to create a new cracker using these other flours, I tweaked my recipe and today I made what we really find to be satisfying.

Now for other beneficial nutrients I can use this cracker recipe or the pulse cracker recipe in SOY SATISFIED together with a soybean or other pulse spread. The choice is ours!

The ones I made today are rolled in sesame seeds, but I usually will roll them in flax seeds as well. I want to have these on hand to snack on when I feel a bit hungry between meals. But they are in a canister on the cupboard in case someone else is looking for a snack. It may as well be a healthy snack!

Stay Healthy Winnie!