Last year we had an abundant harvest of apples. I froze sauce & pie filling, gave away apples and had an old fridge full of bags of apples that we have been eating on since late August. We also still have plenty frozen to use and to share so we are serving them in many ways.

Every few days I take out a container and then turn the filling or sauce into muffins, pies, cakes or like today . . .

I decided to use a litre of pie filling to make a quick apple crisp for dessert. I made up my own recipe as I wanted to use gluten free flour, no sugar in the apples and coconut sugar in the crumbs. The apples are plenty sweet without sugar added to them.

I wanted our dessert to be healthy, packed with nutrition and easy to prepare.

The apple crisp needed a small scoop of whipped cream on top.


But on days when I have the time, I put some frozen bananas pieces through the Yohana machine about a half hour before we eat and after supper we can enjoy the apple crisp with a scoop of non-dairy ice cream.


Every breakfast since August I have had a huge spoon of unsweetened apple sauce on my piece of toast. I never seem to get tired of it and it reminds me every day how very lucky and blessed we are to have a tree that produces so well.

The APPLE CRISP recipe is under desserts on my website. Winnie