HOW DOES YOUR GARDEN GROW? Looking forward to those first greens!


It’s the end of May & we didn’t expect frost anymore so I had all of our plants in and much of it was already up.

In just an hour I had everything covered.

Two rows of beans were up so I used 6 old sheets and stones to hold them down.

The potatoes planted at the other yard were not up yet, but I had 30 plants put in early in this garden. I had just cut off the potato peels thick when cooking potatoes for meals, being sure to have at least 2 or more eyes on each piece. These plants were up about 5 inches so I covered each one with soil. In the morning I removed the soil from the tops and left them hilled. They are doing nicely.


Everything needs watering so for now I am just pouring small amounts on the rows & plants. If I water them too often at the beginning, the roots will have no reason to reach down to reach moisture & the garden ground was quite moist when I planted. The deeper the roots go, the stronger will be the plant’s root system.

Melvin put another huge barrel under another eve trough so when it does rain I will have 2 barrels of clean warm water. Our taps are hooked up to town water so I don’t use that water unless I have to.


As I mentioned in a post earlier, last year I had so many potato bugs in this garden that it was hard to keep up destroying them so I planted most potatoes at our other yard. Our niece mentioned that there is a lady who adds 1 brown dried bean to each potato hole when planting and she never gets potato bugs. So I remembered to put a brown dried bean in each potato hole at both yards so we will see if it keeps the potato bugs away??

The 30 potato peels that I planted earlier in this garden are planted far from where they have ever been planted before. I did add a brown bean & we will eat these as soon as they are small but ready to enjoy. We will pull the plants out, eat the small potatoes & hopefully the potato bugs that stayed in the soil from last year will not get to that area of my garden. The brown bean may keep them away as well??


The spinach is in 1 1/2 inch circles so I am picking enough for our lunch. The Spanish onions have been ready for some time now so I am using both of these greens to make a salad for lunch today.


I am sharing several recipes using the first picking of spinach on the website.


On Sunday they were predicting rain, high winds with a possibility of hail.

I picked off all of the spinach so it will then regrow after the rain & shared it around. If it had hailed, it would have damaged the plants more with the leaves on. Thankfully we didn’t get the hail. We got 2 inches of rain.