Sunday JANUARY 17, 2021

I woke up this morning at 8:15 to hear Melvin sing to me . . .

A Happy Birthday to you,

A Happy Birthday to you.

Every day of the year,

May you feel Jesus near.

A Happy Birthday to you,

A Happy Birthday to you,

And the best one you’ve ever had.

Yes, today I turned 78. Our children have been calling through the day, sending emails, dropping off cards, singing and wishing me a blessed day.

But I also had an email from TEAM SPARK PEOPLE wishing me a Happy Birthday! I would like to quote just a few sentences from their email as it says so clearly how I am feeling about this milestone in my life.

Don’t Just Count Your Years, But Make Your Years Count!

On your birthday stop focusing on your age and start meditating on your life at this exact moment. How can I make it better?

During the coming year, reshuffle your priorities and spend more time on your family and friends.

Take care of your body and health by eating well and exercising regularly, and offer to help others in their need.

Have a Happy and Healthy Birthday!

. . . Team Spark People


AS we are in code red, we don’t expect any company tomorrow so I will make something easy and small. It was my choice to have a healthy cake as well.

Yesterday I baked a small cake in the microwave in 3 minutes. When cool I covered it with whipped cream and candles; took a picture for my website. We ate a few slices today. I have posted the recipe under desserts for anyone else who wants a healthier small, yet quick cake. I will post the picture I took once I get it on my computer.

Through my younger years I had a very special friend, Darlene. We lived just across the road so we spent lots of time together until we moved when I was 14. We still faithfully send Birthday cards & keep in touch every Christmas. She called yesterday as well and we shared many wonderful memories of how we created our own fun in summer & winter. Her call reminded me that I need to spend time this winter writing a story of my 14 birthdays growing up in River Hills! Winnie