On the Saturday before, I try and prepare some of the foods we will need throughout the week.


We are using very little dairy milk, so I buy almond or coconut milk at the store to mix with the hemp milk I make myself from hemp seeds. So on Saturday I will make a 5 1/2 cup batch of hemp milk and store it in the fridge. I use all hemp milk if i am making puddings, sauces, creamed soups or vegetables. I may run out sooner than a week but it doesn’t take long to make another batch one day during the week.

I share my recipe for hemp milk on the website under drinks. I don’t buy many foods in tin cans, but I have saved a few RAGU sauce jars to use just for the hemp milk.


Another thing I do on Saturdays is make a fresh batch of jam. I make small batches, maybe give a small jar away and usually use 2 jars up ourselves. Because it has little sugar or a substitute for sugar, we will also use it on ice cream or stirred into yogurt.

Usually I will thicken the jam with chis seeds, but last week I used a package of Garden Fare gelling powder for a change. (not as healthy a substitute, but a change)

I rotate fruits so we don’t get tired of the same kind. (I rotate between frozen strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and peaches that I have in the freezer)


I find butter to be too hard whether it is kept in the cupboard or the fridge, so I mix butter with coconut oil to give us a better butter that we keep in the cupboard and it is always just right for spreading. I use 1 cup coconut oil to 1 pound butter; soften it a bit and blend both together until smooth. Put half cup quantities into fruit dishes and store them in the fridge.


Because we eat fewer carbs, I will bake bread or buns only when we are almost out. I try to use the sourdough starter to make sourdough bread and my EMWG bun recipe and make 6 or 7 dozen buns.


This past week I made a vegetable pizza using cauliflower for the crust. It’s not the same as a flour dough crust, but by topping the pizza with lots of toppings, no one would know the difference.


Pulses are also very nutritious, so I often make a big batch of beans Saturday to refrigerate or freeze to take out to make a batch of chili, soup or sausage and beans.

There are many more ways to make your week days easier! Winnie