OUR JOURNEY WITH PROSTATE CANCER – Melvin & Elaine Edel July 6, 2016
While I do not have the prostate cancer, I am walking this journey with my husband and writing our story.
Last December we left the specialist’s office with the assurance that the cancer on Melvin’s prostate was very small. “Nothing to worry about” he said, and “Have a Merry Christmas”

When we saw the radiologist a month later it was a much different story for us. Melvin was scheduled to have 39 radiation treatments every weekday. Later on another program allowed him to have only 28. He just finished his 13th treatment today and he is having a nap.
Prior to & part of the treatments he had 2 hormonal shots and then he had his second knee replacement surgery in April. Radiation started June 20.

Many of our friends asked us how this could happen. “After all, you eat so well” some commented.
At first we too questioned the results. We had been eating 2 heaping tablespoons of crushed flax for over 40 years and we wondered why it hadn’t kept him healthy enough to avoid cancer.

The more I read and studied cancer, the more I realized that we certainly hadn’t done things very right.

1. Sugar was always on the table for coffee, tea and cereal. Though we were no longer drinking much pop, I still bought it for those special family get togethers. After all, I needed to treat our family well; so I thought. I also loved to bake desserts, cakes, cookies and pies and of course these all needed some sugar; right?
But now we know – sugar feeds cancer!
2. I thought back to the April 1997 flood. During the flood as well as until that December we ate whatever was handy. While we cleaned up debris we were glad for the sandwiches made with store bought bread & processed meats that was often our meal. Now I realize I should have stopped to make healthier meals more often but that year cleanup was always on my mind.
3. As farmers our crops need to be sprayed with chemicals to kill the weeds and our men are exposed to many toxins and poisons. Oh how I wish we were organic farmers!
4. Even though I am now very careful when I buy household cleaning and washing products; earlier on I used to look for what was on sale. Thankfully I now make my own healthy soap and do much of our cleaning with vinegar, baking soda etc.
5. Now that we are seniors we eat out much more than we did years ago. While the taste may be great and the fellowship with others is wonderful, nothing beats meals made from scratch with ingredients that we know are healthy. When we are on the road at meal time and we are alone, I will often choose to make a sandwich with my homemade healthy bread or flax crackers, a bit of fruit and a bottle of water to drink. This is by far a healthier choice compared to a hamburger, fries and a pop (thankfully we seldom have these) & I will definitely do it more often..

Sorry to say that our journey to healthier living that started way back with whole grains, flax and a garden some 50 years ago progressed far too slowly.
Today I realize part of the food we ate was not what one can call “eating so healthy”.

The word cancer that we heard in December was a wake-up call for me. I realized that as a house wife and cook in our home, it was up to me to take steps to fight even what they call just a small cancer.
Since that day these are some of the positive changes I have made & will continue do so we will stay healthy and as free as possible from sicknesses.

1. For many years I have always used reflexology when we had an injury, ache or pain and it has often brought quicker healing & saved us countless trips to the doctor. That day I decided to use reflexology on Melvin’s (and when I have time on mine too) feet and hands every second day & I will continue.
2. We now seldom use any white or brown sugar or any syrup other than maple syrup. We use less sweetener and when we need some I will use stevia, honey or palm sugar.
3. Our pantry has grown to include many more seeds. (50 pound bags of organic wheat, rye, flax, spelt, oats) & glass jars of dried beans, peas, lentils, chickpeas, chia seeds, hemp seeds, quinoa, kale seeds, broccoli seeds, wild and brown rice, and a variety of nuts. These are used regularly for cooking, baking and sprouting.
During treatment Melvin is required to eliminate many of these wonderful seeds, but the ones he can have are eaten daily. He is also taking additional supplements to compensate until the radiation is over.

We are doing what we can and leaving the rest to God. He is our ultimate healer. He created us as well as all of these nutritious seeds, plants, vegetables and fruits. They will be a part of our regular diet when the treatments are over. We have often heard it said, “Let Food Be Your Medicine.” We try to do that as much as we can. As well, spiritual food and exercise are part of our daily diet.

What we looked at as “28 trips to Cancer Care”, God looked at as 28 opportunities to love and encourage others as we build relationships with individuals who are also dealing with health problems, often worse than ours; people who we would otherwise probably never meet.

Because we all know that seeds, grains, healthy oils, vegetables and fruits are packed with nutrition, I will continue to share healthy living ideas and nutritious recipes on my website at .. In the coming weeks I will do a few posts with recipes that I created especially for Melvin and the diet that was given to him during his radiation treatment.

Wishing you good health on your journey in life; physically, mentally & spiritually!