I often use pulses in our daily menu, but there are times when I have my heart set on a certain recipe, only to find I am out of the pulse the recipe calls for.

I started to use a different pea, bean or lentil and found the recipe was just as good. Today our cupboard is full of glass jars of a great variety of pulses so now when I run out of any one of them, I just choose another.

Another great reason to exchange pulses in a recipe will be to provide our family with different nutrients. By including a variety of dried beans, peas or lentils etc, we are including an even greater variety of beneficial nutrients for our body.

Today I use SOY SATISFIED cookbook recipes by preparing soy creme, crushed soybeans or soy flour from soybeans OR by preparing these products from peas, beans or lentils. The results are just as good. In some cases it can even give us a different looking soup or casserole or whatever.

SOY SATISFIED cookbook can really satisfy every diet & by including other pulses in these recipes, we can be more than satisfied!

I shared a recipe called “GREAT DIABETIC ALLERGY MUFFIN” on this Blog a few months ago. I didn’t have soy creme handy and I was in a hurry, so I thawed some cooked navy beans. I used these in the same way and had a substitute for soy creme. The muffins were great. That afternoon as I was selling SOY SATISFIED cookbook to a lady, I told her what I had done. She was pleased to know she could use other pulses as well as soybeans.

Awhile back I shared a Fudge Cake recipe. Today under recipes I will share how I made this recipe even tastier and healthier. This is one recipe that can be make with any pulse that is blended until smooth.

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