We are hosting our family for supper this evening after the Christmas Eve service at church. I have the turkey roasting in the oven. Every family is bringing salads or dessert.

Our grandkids love veggies so I decided to put together a Christmas tree with veggies. I didn’t have a rectangle platter or container to put it on so I used a large cookie sheet covered with wax paper.
The tree is made with broccoli, the bottom represents snow and is made with cauliflower, the decorations are small red tomatoes and the star is cut from a yellow apple. I thought I bought a yellow pepper for it, but must have used it up. So I looked through the fridge for something yellow and ended up using a fruit.
I have lots of extra veggies that I will add as needed.
For more special Christmas recipes check out “FROM YOUR HOUSE TO OURS” cookbook.
Have a Blessed Christmas! Winnie