Winning Ways Cookbook




WINNING WAYS cookbook will take you:

  • from seeds to planting a garden
  • from the garden or Farmer’s Market to many preserving
  • from fresh or preserved fruits & vegetables to recipes
    to serve your family delicious, nutritious meals.

Winnie shares over 200 preserving and serving recipes plus hundreds of ideas and hints on gardening, cooking and substituting simple kitchen ingredients for household & outdoor cleaners.

Every family can benefit from this helpful cookbook. This 128 page cookbook includes over 450 recipes, hints and ideas.

Are you looking for simple inexpensive ways to provide healthy foods for you and your family? Vegetables and fruits that are harvested ripe are full of antioxidants that help prevent & fight diseases.

Our forefathers had no Canada Food Guide to Healthier Eating, but life’s experiences of trial and error were their teachers. And these healthy eating practices were passed on from generation to generation.

Winnie’s mother and grandmother had large gardens of vegetables and fruits, using them to feed their family at very little cost, with plenty to share with others. The produce they harvested each year plus the buckets of wild berries picked in the area were served fresh and in preserves throughout the year. What a savings on groceries, plus great nutrition!

Winnie too grew and preserved many kinds of vegetables and fruits, using them to provide for their family the whole year round. The drought in 1988 inspired Winnie to share her healthy delicious recipes, hints and ideas in a cookbook called WINNING WAYS.


Choose the right spot, fertilizer and moisture for a bountiful garden. Companion planting will provide a better crop and help repel harmful bugs. What do I plant beside what?


Preserving some of your harvest by canning, freezing or drying will provide nutritious meals all year long for only pennies! Winnie has many recipes for preserving.


Turn your entire garden’s produce as well as the preserves into delicious nutritious foods.


Instead of buying, use what you already have in your cupboard for a job well done, for your health and to save money as well.