We have been enjoying the beet greens for weeks now; mostly chopped up fine and added to our salads.

A month ago I was reading that beets greens are actually even more nutritious that the beet root, so I decided we would save every beet green until such a time as they get spotted and old looking.

Of course the beets are as well healthy and we have been cooking them as a vegetable. Right now they are small but after removing the roots I have been washing the leaves and stems, chopping them up and freezing them in plastic bags of about a cup full in each. (40 grams)

Every day or so I make the following drink to enjoy mid afternoon. I am surprised that there is no flavor of the beet greens.

BEET LEMONADE – 2 glasses
1 cup pressed full of chopped beet greens and stems. (40 grams)
1 ice cube of squeezed pure lemon juice (30 grams)
3 ice cubes of frozen water
2 tablespoons melted honey.
1/2 cup pure water

Puree the above in a blender or nutri-bullet until smooth and enjoy.

This afternoon I was thirsty for another drink so I made an apple drink by using the same method as above.

BEET APPLE JUICE – 2 glasses
1 cup pressed full of chopped beet greens and stems (40 grams)
1/2 cup pure apple juice (bought juice)
3 water ice cubes
1/4 cup water
Puree the above ingredients until smooth. The color was brownish but I enjoyed the mild apple flavor.
Once my own apples are ready I will use the pure apple juice from them and add 2 tablespoons melted honey as this juice is not as sweet as the bought juice.

I decided I will try to have a drink using beet leaves once a day. By freezing the extra greens and stems, I should have lots to make more drinks in the winter months.

I will be adding different fresh fruit juices and sharing the recipes in the coming weeks.

Three weeks ago I seeded another small row of beets. They are now 2 inches tall. Once the first row is ready to harvest, I am hoping we can enjoy the second batch of greens and fresh small beets until fall.
To Your Health