We don’t usually go anywhere on long weekends, but instead if the weather is nice we will invite family or friends over for a wiener roast. When I shopped I bought and froze 3 dozen wieners, but I wanted a healthy bun for the hotdogs.

Saturday morning I decided to bake the buns. I found a 2 cup package of sprouted mung beans in the freezer. I decided to add them to the dough and create a new recipe. For our granddaughter’s sake I measured accurately and did a carb count as well. So for her and others with Type 1 diabetes, I will share the recipe and carb count.

I ordered organic broccoli, kale, alfalfa and mung bean seeds to sprout from MUMM’S SPROUTING SEEDS in Saskatchewan. These can be sprouted easily in a glass jar & added whole, chopped or blended to use in salads, egg dishes, sandwiches or added to breads & buns. We use less sprouted beans than other sprouts, so I froze some. I decided to add them to the buns!
The picture below is kale sprouts. They are also great blended and added to this recipe.

2 cups sprouted mung beans
1 1/2 cups water
2 cups plain unsweetened yogurt
4 tablespoons honey
1 1/2 cups warm water
1/2 cup avocado oil (or unprocessed lard)
1/2 cup crushed flax
6 eggs
14 cups freshly milled spelt flour
5 tablespoons instant yeast
6 cup unbleached white flour

I used frozen sprouted beans, so I blended them with 1 1/2 cups hot water so the result would be tepid. If I would use freshly made sprouted beans, I would have blended them with warm water. The yogurt is also cold from the fridge, so I will use warmer water when I add the next 1 1/2 cups water. It is important that the final dough be tepid. I try to have it around room temperature.

Blend the mung beans and 1 1/2 cups water. Put them, as well as yogurt, honey, oil, salt, eggs, flax, freshly milled & measured spelt flour and the rest of the water into a large bowl. With dough hooks on your machine or with a beater, mix until very smooth. Add yeast and mix again.

Knead in the unbleached flour, allowing it to knead for 9 minutes. My Bosch dough hook does this for me, so the dough is now ready to shape into buns.
If you kneaded the dough by hand, you will have to let it rise & punch it down again to rise the second time before shaping. (to develop the gluten)

I used smaller amounts of dough for hot dog buns. ( I measured out 52 grams of dough/ bun. After rising well, it made a nice big bun.) I just weighed the first one so I would have an idea how much dough to pinch off.

To make the hamburger buns I weighed out 68 grams of dough.

I spaced the shaped buns quite far apart on greased baking sheets so they had room to spread and when baked they didn’t touch each other much.
When they have risen over double in size, bake at 375′ F for 20 – 25 minutes. (or until nicely browned)
Remove from pans to a cooling rack or a towel and let cool before putting them away in plastic bags.

P.S. We have been enjoying a much needed rain this weekend, so the wood is wet and we will have to wait to have our wiener roast another time! P.T.L. for watering our fields and gardens!

Carb Count Total & per each bun:
sprouted mung beans 8.4, yogurt 14, honey 69.2, eggs 6, unbleached flour 504, spelt flour 1008
Total carbs in all 6 dozen buns is 1609.6
Approx. % of dough used by hot dog buns is .4328081 or 19.35 grams carbs /buns
Approx. % of dough used by hamburger buns is .56719 or 25.36 grams carbs/buns
Enjoy the outdoors and all that God has created! Winnie