Last summer I made raspberry freezer jam and we are on our last jar. At that time I was pleased with the recipe I used as it had 3 cups berries to 1 cup sugar.

Over the past few years we are learning so much about the diseases that increase because of sugar, so we are trying to leave it out of almost all foods we make in our home.

We were tired of having raspberry jam, so I decided to thaw strawberries for this next batch. Because of the health benefits of honey, I will use it in the recipe below.

Because chia seeds are also very nutritious, I will use them to thicken the jam.

I just googled raw honey and was amazed at all the nutrients in it; even though I realize it is still a sweetener and cannot be consumed in large amounts. (found this as I googled raw unfiltered honey)

This recipe made 3 cups of jam which is 48 tablespoons. I divided it into 3 jars; gave two away and kept one for ourselves. This jam is simple to make so I can make a small batch each week in just minutes.

2 1/2 cups thawed strawberries with their juice
1/2 cup honey
1 tablespoon lemon juice
1/2 cup chia seeds
Melt the honey, add to the mashed strawberries, their juice and lemon juice. Blend well.
Stir in the chia seeds and blend again. Place in fridge for a few hours. When cold, stir and spoon into jam jars. You can divide the jam into small plastic containers and freeze some to take out another week, but keep enough in the fridge as it will be fine for at least a week.

One tablespoon of jam = 1/48th of the total calories, carbs and sugar that are in the 3 cups of this jam.( 3 cups jam = 48 tablespoons jam) This is a healthy choice!

Next week I will make a batch using mashed thawed blueberries, peaches or pears!
This jam is yummy!

I just toasted a piece of brown bread and put the jam on. Then I thought of ice-cream toppings, so I thinned it just a bit by adding a teaspoon of juice to a tablespoon of jam, and it as well is very good! Any fruit as well could be used to make toppings!