By adding nutritious ingredients to our usual meals, we can provide what our body needs to help prevent disease or help cope with disease symptoms. One of those is said to be Fava Beans.

Some Parkinson’s’ patients have found that  eating some Fava Beans daily helped them lessen their hand tremors. They say that Fava bean sprouts are even better so if I can grow some this summer I will let you know if we can turn these seeds into sprouts and see what it will do for hand tremors. For now I will continue to use canned Fava Beans from the store. I paid only $1.00 a can.

Fava Beans are rich in levodopa, a compound that our bodies can convert to dopamine so research continues to see how affective this is in lessening hand tremors.

But that’s not all. These beans are also packing with an abundance of other nutrients. In winter when vegetables are in short supply, can be a great substitute.

Eating fava beans will also provide our bodies with plant protein, folate, manganese, copper, phosphorous, magnesium, thiamine, zinc and smaller amounts of other B vitamins, calcium and selenium. Besides all this abundance, they contain very little fat!

A healthy diet, exercise and a good night’s sleep are usually the best ways we can help our bodies fight against sickness and diseases. Now with this COVID 19 pandemic, keep your distance from others, wash your hands with soap & water and provide yourself & your family with nutritious foods.

Why not try some delicious BEEF STEAKETTES? These steakettes also include onion, garlic and whole grain bread crumbs so they also provide other nutrients that can meet body needs.

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