Tomorrow is Saturday and I wanted to bake us something to enjoy over the weekend. Not that we will be able to have company, but if one of our children decide to come to our yard to move the snow that blew in yesterday, I can give them a few cookies to take home.

Last week I started to hand out the Easter treats, Fruit Roll-ups & seeds to sprout for each family. (3 more families to go) We postponed our Easter/Birthday family party until Mother’s Day so hopefully by then we can get together!


I was so excited when I made this batch of cookies. I have now been using gluten free flours, healthier sugar substitutes and healthy fats to make our cookies for the past few years and they always turned out to be a softer cookie. We like cookies that are crunchy, so I tried again and again.

This time I decided to change the flours to starches and they are finally the way we like them so I will share the recipe with you. I will also change to starches are the healthiest.


I have been reading about resistant starches and have decided to use the potato, cassava and tapioca starches in more of my baking. These resistant starches travel down to the colon where they are very helpful increasing the good bacteria. They increase our immunity and help break down and get rid of toxins plus much more. What better cookie can we enjoy at this time when we need a strong immune system to help prevent getting the COVID 19 pandemic.

To enjoy these nutritious cookies see my CRUNCHY COOKIE recipe.