CUCUMBERS – September 24, 2015
It has been months since I last posted, but I just am finding this new computer overwhelming and hard to use. Yesterday I finally asked for some help in just one area and found out enough to hopefully send another post. I have written many posts over the past few months and will put them on once I see that I am doing it right.

A few months ago I got a great document on cucumbers from a wonderful website at Every day there are great healthy ideas that start with basic nutritious foods. I also ordered his cookbook for myself and one for each of our children. It is very well worth the cost.

I couldn’t believe the nutritional benefits of a simple cucumber so we have been eating them non-stop and I have put away at least 50 1-cup packages of coarsely shredded fresh cucumbers. I continue to water the plants and pick a bucket full every few days. We are enjoying these fresh cucumbers raw as we work and as well in salads. I even have enough to give plenty away.

Now I treasure each and everyone one that grows; realizing what they can do for our health. The document I read mentions their benefit to our heart as well as how they help fight many diseases.

We used to eat the cucumbers just as a salad each summer until we were tired of the same thing. I have also done up many quarts into pickles for the rest of the year, but now I am adding them to many different recipes as well.

All during harvest this year every lunch pail got a cucumber peeled and cut into 4 pieces. If one is packing a lunch for children or a picnic lunch, this is a quick and wonderful food to take along.

When I am eating supper or lunch alone while the men are out harvesting, I chop up a half of an avocado, add a little lemon juice, some salsa or chopped tomatoes and a chopped cucumber. I will often chop up a little purple onion to add as well. For me this is a healthy, delicious and filling meal; something our men folk would not appreciate as much as I do.

Besides making a plain cucumber/sour cream salad, I also add cucumbers to potato salad or many other salad recipes. The kale in my garden is still greening out nicely and I am picking these tender new leaves every week. I wash them and keep them in the fridge to enjoy as well in salads.

Or, you can add them to a smoothy and it is hidden, but still nutritious! All for now!
Another great addition to WINNING WAYS cookbook! Winnie