For years, as our children were growing up I enjoyed making yeast donuts for our family. They each remember the table full of cooling donuts, the small bowl of sugar and the joy of helping themselves to a few, or often few more.

I always used Mom’s favorite recipe: the one she used to make donuts early in the morning and then again after lunch so there would be donuts for coffee-time at 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. in our local restaurant.
I have shared her special recipe in “EAT MORE WHOLE GRAINS” cookbook; this cookbook is packed with many great yeast recipes; including grains & seeds, or recipes omitting these seeds for people with allergies. The yeast recipes have added instructions for anyone with a BOSCH or other dough mixing machine so they can save time.

But now we are faced with this diet; no yeast . . .no sugar . . . no-dairy!

Last week I decided to create a new recipe that could meet this criteria. I started by using a “Gluten Free Donuts” recipe. The result was 30 small flat things that looked something like small hockey pucks. Out they went into the garbage.

But I had promised donuts for evening lunch, so I made up my own recipe and everyone loves them.

They are quick and also easy to make, so here you are; another recipe to share. . . DONUT DROPS – YEAST FREE . . .SUGAR FREE . . .& DAIRY FREE!