In 2013 we celebrated my 70th birthday, our 50th wedding anniversary, the 100th anniversary of Clover Lodge and then the 25th anniversary of Winnie’s Winning Ways. A busy year, but it was lots of fun!

In 1988 Winning Ways became my way of sharing the recipes I created to meet our family’s needs; recipes that included simple healthy ingredients that I had enjoyed as a child and ones we continue to enjoy since then as a family.

By using plenty of fruits, vegetables, dairy products, grains, seeds and herbs that I had access to, it wasn’t long before I had 7 unique & different cookbooks.
Each cookbook continues to be updated as it is time to reprint.

Over 15 years ago I decided to use a website where customers could order my cookbooks, but as well where I could share other healthy hints, ideas and new recipes free of charge in newsletters.

Today as my interest in a healthier lifestyle continues to grow, so does the size of my garden; every year adding a greater variety of nutritious vegetables, herbs and fruits. And of course this just results in many more new recipes that I can share. Our desire to include healthier ingredients and as well less sugar has again forced me to create new recipes for my cookbooks, updates & website @ winnieswinningways.ca.

This winter, with the COVID – 19 virus, I wanted to reach out to those who may need to pinch pennies like we had done many times through the past 50 years. Or maybe others are looking for nutritious recipes that can help build up the immune system and keep one’s body healthy and strong.

This past few months we have been working at changing the website to make it more user friendly for me and hopefully easier to navigate for all of you.

We are all in the midst of trying times when life is forcing us to seek out ways to provide a healthy diet for our families on a limited income. As well most of us are looking for ways to stay healthy and strong so we can prevent sickness and diseases from taking over in our families.

I trust this website will be a benefit to you just as these recipes, hints and ideas have helped us succeed in our home for many years.                Winnie