It has been 7 years now since Melvin was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. He is still not on any meds as we continue to search for and implement natural helps. Many people have shared how their specific symptoms have been reversed so we try to include some of these to see what it will do for Melvin.

Four years ago our kids gave us a stationary bike that has a large seat and has handles so we can exercise our arms as well. We both use this as well as a chi machine for exercise especially in winter.

We try to eliminate sugar, most dairy products, unhealthy fats and all purpose flour in our diet. (except for when we go out to a restaurant) Gradually we are introducing healthy seeds, nuts and gluten free flours as well as many healthy fruits, vegetables & herbs. As I create new recipes using these nutritious ingredients, I share these recipes in eBooks; emailing them free to purchasers of specific Seedy cookbooks. When I have time I also share recipes in posts on my blog/website at

EAT MORE WHOLE GRAINS cookbook is now half price at $7.45 with a free update sent as an eBook with recipes for special diets, such as dairy-free, yeast-free, sugar-free & gluten-free.

A MUFFIN A DAY cookbook is half price at $4.45 with a free update sent as an eBook with some flax muffins that can be made in just minutes in the micro-wave.

SOY SATISFIED cookbook is half price at $4.95 with a free update sent as an eBook with recipes that include a variety of other pulses such as fava, pinto, black beans, chickpeas and lentils that can successfully replace the soybeans in this cookbook. Pulses are very nutritious!

We have read how boxing is good for these tremors, so because we don’t get out for that form of exercise, I massage Melvin’s hands and wrists 2 times a week. I also do reflexology on all parts of the hands for any other need he may have. I read about the benefits of playing ping pong so hopefully we can set a table up in the garage this summer.

The latest suggestion is to eat fava beans regularly as they can make dopomine which can help to slow down tremors. I buy them in a can for now, but plan on seeding them in the garden this summer so I can the sprout them too. Legumes are very healthy so we eat fava beans as well as many other pulses.

We also see a naturapath who gives us direction on supplements to take that provide what Melvin can’t get in the above ways. The latest supplement he started taking (3/day) has really made a difference. It is called Lion’s Mane and in just 2 months he is really waking up to his former self. He is more vocal and his speech is much stronger. It is a brain health supplement.

Last year I ordered a book called ROAD TO RECOVERY FROM PARKINSONS DISEASE by ROBERT RODGERS, PH.D. It includes many individuals stories and ways they reduced symptoms of parkinsons. Every time I pick it up I learn something new that helps us cope with & even works at reversing some of Melvin’s symptoms. I will continue to read, apply and then share the positives. Winnie