Right now with COVID – 19 we are staying in our home and our children are delivering anything we may need. I always keep gallon jars of seeds, healthy flours, nuts, grains and healthier sugar substitutes in the cupboard so together with our freezer of vegetables and fruits and some meat there is little need to shop much.

I have found that sprouting seeds is a healthy, delicious & very inexpensive way to continue to have a supply of something fresh in our home when we may run out of fresh vegetables & fruits. Once summer comes of course we will have fresh vegetables to enjoy from the garden, but at times I will still sprout seeds to add to the salads.

Seeds to sprout can be kept in the cupboard without spoiling so to add nutrition to a meal or to salad or in sandwiches, I keep freshly made sprouts in the fridge. Almost every week I soak some seeds & in just 3 days I have delicious nutritious sprouts to enjoy!

When seeds are sprouted, the sprouts are much more nutritious than the original seeds.
I ordered mung seeds, broccoli seeds and alfalfa seeds from MUMM’S in Saskatchewan. I usually have 2 jars sprouting at the same time. If I have to remember to rinse one jar, it may as well be two & we then have a variety on hand in the fridge.

The alfalfa sprouts are ready this morning so I left them sit in the sun for a few hours and the tips turned green which adds even more nutrition. I keep a plastic bag or 2 of sprouts in the fridge to add to all of our salads. Today I am adding them to the pancake/waffle batter.

For lunch today I am making SPROUTED SEED WAFFLES PANCAKES. I like waffles and Melvin likes pancakes so we are both happy. The following recipe made 6 pancakes and two thick Belgium waffles.