During this pandemic, when we have been asked to stay at home, why not spend some time cleaning out your freezer and making snacks to enjoy. It can be a family affair!

Delicious & Nutritious & Pleasing to the eye!

I froze lots of apple sauce, as well as containers of choke cherries & other sour cherries, but I also have containers of squash & pumpkin. Check out what you have & make delicious fruit roll-ups.

I used mostly apple sauce from our apples, but by adding a few containers of cherries, I managed to provide a deep red color. Then by adding some squash & pumpkin, I added lots of nutrition without changing the taste.

The amount you make will depend on the size of your dehydrator. I have 16 trays so I used them all and had 5 quarts left. When those were ready, I removed the roll ups, filled 6 more trays and they were done in a little over a day. For both a large and small recipe go to NUTRITIOUS FRUIT ROLL-UPS.


Interested in the Carb Count?

22 sheets with 16 pieces in each sheet = 352 pieces altogether

Carb count: 60 cups fruits X 24.65 g carbs/ cup = 1479 carbs

6 cups squash X 7.92 g carbs/ cup = 47.52 carbs

Total carbs = 1479 + 47.52 + 1526.52

1526.52 divided by 352 = 4.34 g carbs / piece of roll-up


We have a dehydrator that we pass from one family to another so everyone can enjoy this as an activity with their family!

Enjoy eating them, making them, and cleaning out the deep freeze as well! Winnie