CORONAVIRUS & BREAD BAKING – in many homes today!

Our niece just arrived home from Fiji with her family. While living there they baked all of their own bread so as soon as they had finished their quarantine, they went to shop for the necessities, with flour at the top of the list. The city stores they went to were sold out of flour, so on the way home they stopped at a small town and luckily found they still had flour.

I wondered why the stores were out of flour and I was told that people everywhere are now spending time baking their own bread; partly because they were now staying home and had the time, or because everyone has been told to distance themselves and that can be hard in a store or even on the street or because they are finding it hard to make ends meet.

Yes, because of the COVID – 19 pandemic there are many who just can’t afford to buy groceries. They are pinching pennies. Over the years I have always baked bread and I have learned that one can bake a batch of 8 loaves of delicious healthy bread for the price of buying one loaf in the store! For a variety of bread recipes, check out the BREAD page on my website.

I also heard that many stores are out of yeast . . . and even toilet paper!

We live in the Red River Valley and this past winter we have been warned that because of the heavy rains last fall, we are probably in for a flood this spring. So over the past months I have been stocking up on flour, yeast and yes, toilet paper too as during a flood our roads are all under water & we usually stay put for over a month.

I started helping Gramma bake yeast bread before I was old enough to attend school, so bread baking has always been easy and fun for me. But when friends would tell me how hard they found this job, I decided to write a cookbook sharing easy to follow directions with lots of extra hints and tips!

Living on the farm with our own family of seven, wheat, flax, barley & oats and other grains were at my disposal so I bought a mill and soon was adding these grains to my recipes. And when someone said they were allergic to grains, I created many more recipes to meet their needs.

EAT MORE WHOLE GRAINS cookbook with all of these many recipes was soon being sold across the country and this cookbook is still in demand today.

If you are new to yeast baking, if you want to mix the dough by hand or by machine, or if you are baking breads and other foods gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free or even yeast-free, this cookbook will guide you with step by step instructions.

EAT MORE WHOLE GRAINS sells for $14.95, but as I thought about what this pandemic is doing to families across the country, I have decided to sell it at cost while this current stock is still available. I have lowered the price to only $7.45 plus S & H. With each order of this cookbook I will also email my eBook of dairy-free, sugar-free, gluten-free and yeast-free recipes.

To view this cookbook of over 200 recipes or to order through Pay Pal’s secure site, go to my website at As often as I find the time, I also share free recipes in posts on this website. During this time of uncertainty and maybe even fear, remember that you can make a huge difference just by preparing your own healthy foods from scratch & as well save $$. Winnie