Last year we celebrated my 70th birthday, our 50th wedding anniversary, the 100th anniversary of Clover Lodge and then the 25th anniversary of Winnie’s Winning Ways. A busy year, but lots of fun!

In 1988 Winning Ways became my way of sharing the recipes I created to meet our family’s needs; recipes that included simple healthy ingredients that I had enjoyed as a child and ones we continue to enjoy since then as a family.

By using plenty of fruits, vegetables, dairy products, grains, seeds and herbs that I had access to, it wasn’t long before I had 7 unique & different cookbooks.
Each cookbook continues to be updated as it is time to reprint.

Over 10 years ago I decided to use a website where customers could order my cookbooks, but as well where I could share other healthy hints, ideas and new recipes free of charge in newsletters.

As my interest in a healthier lifestyle continues to grow, so does the size of my garden; every year adding a greater variety of nutritious vegetables, herbs and fruits. And of course this just results in many more new recipes that I can share.

Then this spring . . . Along came Amy!
With her creative knowledge and skills and her enthusiastic nature, she convinced me that I could make some changes to my website & target others who are also looking for ways to serve their families the best foods possible in delicious ways.

We spent a few hours together, talked on the phone a bit, sent a few emails back and forth and Amy was ready to add her expertise and provide the website host with all that was needed to build the website.

Now it is up to me to get with it; learn how to Blog and write posts.
Thanks Amy for your hard work and Roger at SWD for building the site.
Hope these posts will be an encouragement to my readers that a healthy lifestyle can really make a huge difference to us physically, mentally and even spiritually when we realize that all of the goodness in nature that we enjoy is provided to us by God. WINNIE